White Ruby
White ruby
Twist Information
Description The first place tribe of an immunity challenge votes on a member of the losing tribe(s) to have all votes cast against them negated at that tribal.
Appearance(s) Survivor: Philippines

The White Ruby is a pre-merge twist introduced in Survivor: Philippines. It is the counterpart to the Black Ruby.

Twist OverviewEdit

The White Ruby was introduced in Survivor: Philippines to present a goal for getting first place out of three tribes. The tribe that comes in first place in an immunity challenge will vote on a member of the tribe that went to tribal council to receieve the White Ruby. The White Ruby holder will be revealed just before the votes are read at Tribal Council, and act as a Hidden Immunity Idol in that it negates all votes cast against them. However, unlike an Idol, the holder does not have a choice whether to be immune.

On Day 1 of Philippines, two tribes went to tribal council and two White Ruby pendants were voted on.

Post-season, the White Ruby twist was considered a good twist in theory - however, there are slim chances that it will be used again.

Ownership HistoryEdit


  • TDPokemonFan - Negated one vote
  • vhd96 - Negated four votes
  • NJDevil19 - Negated two votes
  • TDO88 
  • robertbot - Negated three votes