Tribe Switch
Tribe Switch
A Tribe Switch done by random draw
Twist Information
Description Multiple people put on a different buff and switch to the other tribe.
Appearance(s) Multiple Seasons

A Tribe Switch (also called a Tribe Shuffle or Tribe Swap) is a twist used to change the makeup of tribes.  It is often the most simple way to shake up the game pre-merge.

Twist OverviewEdit

The Tribe Switch is a twist can happen in a random point during a game and this reassignment of tribes will be effective until the tribes merge or a new opportunity to switch tribes shows up (e.g. a Mutiny or a second switch.) This is denoted by contestants wearing a newly supplied Buff that is colored according to their new tribe. They would then drop their old buff on the ground and start wearing the new one.

Normally it would send about half of the tribe to the other when both tribes have a set number of each tribe member (known as Tribe Swap) such as in Survivor: Tocantins, or have an even number of each tribe member (although the shuffle in Survivor: Vanuatu was random, it ended up being 3-3 on each tribe).

In Survivor: Martinique, everyone had to rank the members of their tribe. This would not only decide the new tribes, but who would be receiving the Broken Necklace.  The individual placements on every ranking a person was included in were averaged.  The castaways' averages would then be sorted by tribe.  The odd-numbered placements would to to one tribe and the even numbered placements would go to the other.



New tribes were selected through random draw.


New tribes were randomized and posted immediately without a number drawing.


New tribes were selected through random draw. Because there were 13 people, one person was sent to a temporary Exile Island.


New tribes were decided by the results of a cast-wide ranking of their original tribes.