Double Tribal Council
Double tribal
Twist Information
Description Two castaways are voted off at the same tribal council/more than one tribe goes to tribal council.
Appearance(s) Multiple Seasons

A Double Tribal Council occurs when two tribes attend tribal council in the same episode or two castaways are voted out at the same tribal council.


  • Two tribes attend tribal council on the same day and each vote a member out.
  • The two castaways who receive the highest vote totals are voted out.
  • The castaways attending tribal vote twice and two tribe members are voted out in separate vote reads (also called the Two Urns twist).
  • After one castaway is voted off, without an immunity challenge, there is another vote.


  • There were three Double Tribal Councils in Tocantins, where one of each above format was used except for Two Urns.
  • There were two Double Tribal Councils in Vanuatu, where two tribes went to tribal council before the merge and post-auction there was a tribal with two urns.  The two urns tribal twist returned in Thailand.
  • In Philippines, there was one double tribal where one out of three tribes won immunity and two attended tribal. This made an appearance in All-Stars.