Broken Necklace
Broken Necklace
Twist Information
Description The recipient of the necklace must double the power of someone else's vote.
Appearance(s) Survivor: Martinique

The Broken Necklace is a twist that gives one person the power to double another person's vote. Sometimes, the recipient cannot cast a vote themselves. It was first used in Survivor: Martinique, where the person holding the necklace could not vote.


During Martinique, the twist was introduced at the Tribe Swap, where the castaways had to rank the members of their current tribe. The most popular castaways would receive it first, then the second most, and that list would be used as reference for the rest of the season.  The twist was retired after the final seven.  In this season, the person in possession of the necklace could not vote. That is subject to change if this twist is to be used again.