Black Ruby
Black ruby
Twist Information
Description The winning tribe of an immunity challenge loses a member to the other tribe until the other tribe can win again.
Appearance(s) Survivor: Vanuatu

The Black Ruby is a pre-merge twist introduced in Survivor: Vanuatu. It is the counterpart to the White Ruby.

Twist OverviewEdit

When the first immunity challenge happens, the winning tribe must send a member of their tribe to their opposing tribe. That person now has the Black Ruby. It acts as an immunity necklace to the holder as they compete for the other tribe in challenges and vote at their tribal councils all while being immune. Once the tribe with the Black Ruby holder wins, the person with the Black Ruby must choose someone to bring back over to the other tribe with them and give them the Black Ruby.

dolphinsoccer4 held the Black Ruby for 3 in-game days in Vanuatu after Lopevi won the first immunity challenge. On Day 4, Yasur won, and Dolphin chose to bring papabear77 to Lopevi. Lopevi lost the three remaining immunity challenges until a tribe swap and double tribal which retired the twist.