Back to Basics
7 member jury
A 7-member jury is a staple of the Back to Basics twist.
Twist Information
Description A format that removes any and all twists that are present in the game.
Appearance(s) Survivor: China
Survivor: Corsica

Back to Basics was a format introduced in Survivor: China. It will also be used in Survivor: Corsica.

Twist OverviewEdit

Back to Basics restored the format of Survivor to its roots: 7 member jury, merge at ten, no tribe swaps, no hidden immunity idols, no double tribal councils, or anything that would affect the game.  The twist was introduced because it makes the game more simple and forces castaways to rely on their strengths and wits instead of idols or other twists.  This format is normally present throughout the entire season.

When it was used in China, the only change to the game that was present was a final three instead of a final two.


While the "twist" led to an average pre-merge game in both seasons, the post-merge games were both exciting as majority alliances crumbled.